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    Sell Your Cars With Mechanical Issues To The Cash for Cars Sydney And Get Paid Up To $18,99!

    A good mechanic knows how to fix a car, and that might cause you a lump sum of money if your car has many mechanical issues. At that moment, what will be better? Sending that car for fixing and spending money, time and energy over and over or just selling it to make some cash? Cash certainly may help you buy a brand-new car for yourself. Welcome to Cash For Cars Sydney to find the best alternative for your mechanically damaged car. Sell that car with mechanical issues to us because we pay up to $18,999.

    We offer same-day car removal, instant Quote, no paperwork, and zero delays in payments to our clients. Keeping all these things, you won’t have to look further to sell that car which cannot be fixed anymore.

    At Cash For Cars Sydney, we also have a team of expert car evaluators who evaluate your car best and pay you the right amount of cash on the spot. So, why are you still waiting? Let’s have a deal and get yourself a new car by selling that old, damaged one.

    Sell Cars With Faults To The Cash for Cars Sydney In Three Simple Steps:

    Selling mechanically mismanaged, damaged, mistreated, or not fixed cars at Cash For Cars Sydney is way easier than you might have been thinking. We have a very precise process to buy your car, and that’s done within three simple steps. Please have a look!

    Get An Instant Quote:

    Get an instant quote by contacting us at our number or emailing us. This process will be simple and faster that will be done within minutes. Even if it’s a call, we are ready to give you the amount you expect!

    Schedule A Meetup With Us:

    Now, once you get your Quote and there is an agreement between us, we’ll be the one arranging a scheduled meetup to pick up your car and pay you at the right time.

    Your Car Gets Removed, And You Get Paid At The Same Time:

    When we have arranged the time for the meeting, our team comes to you within one hour or the same day to your specific place. We also don’t go for the tedious paperwork process. It’s just you, your car, and our payment into your pocket. That’s final; we will take that mechanically mismanaged car from you!

    Avail The Free And Fastest Car Removal Service In Sydney For Cars With Mechanical Issues:

    You might be living in that specific location in Sydney where there might be no car wrecker nearby. And we accept that sometimes there can be a high need for money that may only come through selling that old damaged car. Don’t worry.

    Because if you want to make top dollars by selling that mechanically damaged, used, or old car and want to enjoy the fastest as well as freest car removal service in Sydney, you are at the best place. Our professional team of experts will come to your doorstep or location for same-day car pickup within just one hour.

    You won’t have to wait or listen to lame excuses. Because we don’t do that. Once the deal is confirmed, you get paid, and your car gets removed.

    Types, Conditions, And Brands Of Cars We Accept At Cash for Cars Sydney:

    Be worry-free if you have a car to sell in any condition, from any worldly reputed and accepted brand and vehicle.

    We are here to serve you with the best. Being the number one and best car wrecking company in Australia, we deal with the following types, conditions, and brands of vehicles.

    Types Of Vehicles We Accept:

    At Cash For Cars Sydney, we accept the following types of Vehicles from our clients. These include;

    • 4WDs
    • Vans
    • Trucks
    • SUVs
    • UTEs
    • Cars
    • Jeeps

    In case you have any of these damaged mechanically or have lots of issues with them, you can sell them to us and get instant cash.

    Brands Of Vehicles We Accept And Deal With:

    Cash For Cars Sydney a collaboration with lots of famous brands of cars and we appreciate it if our client holds any of these brands’ cars. These brands include;

    • Mazda
    • BMW
    • Mercedes
    • Honda
    • Hyundai
    • Ford
    • Toyota
    • Suzuki
    • Holden
    • Jeep
    • Lexus
    • Subaru
    • Mitsubishi

    So, if you have any brand vehicle and it is treated so badly mechanically that it cannot be recovered or there is no means of spending more money on it, let Cash For Cars Sydney help you deal with it.

    The Best Reasons To Choose Cash for Cars Sydney For Selling Mechanically Damaged Cars:

    To become your top priority, we offer several values to our customers. You can always come to use it by keeping in mind that;

    • We are the number 1 Car Wreckers in Sydney
    • We are offering same-day free car removal services in the entire Sydney
    • Our customer gets paid the highest amount of cash for his vehicle, which is up to $18,999
    • You get the fastest Quote from us
    • We have a professional team of expert car evaluators who knows the best price for your car
    • You will have your money instantly without any fake promises or delays in payments

    Free Damaged Car Removal and Pick up Service in Sydney wide

    We are providing a hassle free pickup & removal service all over Sydney and offering top dollars. Click on “Get A Quote Button”, Fill out the web form with initially required information. Our professionals will call you back in 60 seconds.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Can I Do To A Car That Is Not Worth Fixing In Australia?

    You should sell it straightforwardly except spending money on it repeatedly. If that car is not worth fixing, let Cash For Cars Sydney buy that from you. We also pay excellent cash that can help you buy a new one for yourself.

    What Is The Best Way To Sell A Car With Engine Problems?

    The best way to sell a car with engine problems is to sell it to the Cash For Cars Sydney. We are accepting a wide range of mechanically damaged cars with other issues. Get an instant quote and let us know your exact location.

    Should You Repair A Car Before Selling It?

    No, you need to repair a car if you sell it to the Cash For Cars Sydney. We will evaluate your car in whatever condition it is. Even if it’s a piece of trash in your eyes, we’ll calculate the right amount and pay you on the spot.

    Can I Sale My Unregistered Car In Sydney?

    Yes, you can bring your unregistered, no-title cars to the Cash For Cars Sydney and get paid up to $18,999.


    What Our Customers Say About us

    Very amazed with their response and courtesy. They offered an attractive amount. Within hours they cleaned up my backyard. Impressed & satisfied.

    Mike Daniel


    Hi, I am surprised with the instant cash transfer to my bank account. They even did not negotiate even they offered much bigger than I expected. Thumbs up for the team and their response time. Loved to deal with cash for cars Sydney.

    Andrew herby    


    Hi there, I would love to leave a review because I love your professionalism, their team work and coordination. They paid more than what I expected. You did what you said. It was just the startup of a weekend I asked for meeting in one 2 hours because I was in hurry to go out, and I was so glad to see the guy at my door exact after 1:55 hour. He inspected my car, pay me at once and removed the car. The whole process was just happened in 3 hours. I took my payment and enjoy my vacation…. Highly recommended. Cheers.

    Alex Wilson


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